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The Bitter & Twisted Boutique Beer Festival, commonly known as ‘Bitter & Twisted’ is the coming together of like minded people to celebrate three great things – music, food and most obviously… beer. Held annually on the first weekend in November, Bitter & Twisted is confined within the walls of the former maximum security prison, Maitland Gaol.
You can expect over 80 craft beers to be on show, an eclectic range of music and entertainment as well as delicious food choices from all over the world. For all the beer connoisseurs (let’s be honest, geeks) there is a variety of beer appreciation options, including meeting local brewers, food and beer matching and beer education.
For everyone else, you can sit back and enjoy the show on the main stage, dance around the exercise yard, explore the cells, spot the roving entertainers, indulge in the food and markets or try some of the alternatives, with wine and ciders also on offer.
Bitter & Twisted is the only way you should ever find yourself behind bars and we look forward to and welcome all sorts of new and returning inmates.
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