• Tokens are the official festival currency once you enter the gates.
  • One token is equal to $1.25 and tokens are sold in minimum lots of four ($5.00). Tokens can be purchased from roving token sellers throughout the site and at the merchandise stall over the weekend.
  • Tokens must be used to sample beer, cider, wine and to buy food from the food stalls. They can also be used to purchase merchandise from the merchandise stall at the event.
  • One token will get you a 100ml tasting of your chosen beer/cider, with two tokens equating to a 200ml tasting (a full Bitter and Twisted Beer glass).
  • For wine, one token will get you a 50ml tasting of your chosen wine, or wine by the glass can be purchased by redeeming four tokens.
  • Cash WILL NOT be accepted at beer, cider, wine or food stalls.
  • Cash will ONLY be accepted at general market stalls, the merchandise stall and to purchase tokens.


  • Please note at the end of the festival, tokens that you haven’t used cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • All tokens are non-refundable or exchangeable for cash.
  • We suggest purchasing tokens in smaller quantities if you are unsure of how many you will use.

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