Last Dinosaurs

After decades of traversing the globe, Last Dinosaurs sought seclusion in a small ancient Japanese town where they penned haiku’s and learnt the delicate art of GarageBand. During these crucial years Lach dreamed of a faster paced life and embarked on an influential trek exploring the American frontier. it was there he experienced an ayahuasca trip so intense that he discovered its a hell of a think, killing a man.

Fast forward through many years of back to back non stop rituals and traditional song writing, we find the band back in Australia with a new single Dominos off their forthcoming album.

Dominos is a different direction for the band, with Sean and Lach collectively mining their memories for love, loss and hope. The 100+ years of recollections proved a goldmine for song-writing inspiration, and ends the song a sense of liminality, yearning, and disorientation. The sonic palette takes a riskier direction than ‘In a Million Years’ and ‘Wellness’ with live percussion being replaces by a drum machine and a decidedly DIY aesthetic.

To accompany the single, Last Dinosaurs unveil the video featuring Australian Comedian, Aaron Gocs as a crazy obsessed fan who ends up taking possession of the bands souls through the power of his camera. The video was directed and produced by Last Dinosaurs bassist, Michael Sloane and Harry Deadman who directed ‘Wurl’ with his talented ’24’ team.