Cloud Control

When Cloud Control began the move back to Sydney in 2013, they were in many ways different to the band that had left.

In the preceding two years, they had toured their AMP-winning, ARIA nominated first album Bliss Release to global acclaim, and recorded and release their second, Dream ave, from their new home in the UK.

But as they prepared to return to Australia at the end of a huge US tour, bassist Jeremy Kelshaw bowed out – and suddenly, for the first time in nine years, Cloud Control had to find balance as a three-piece: Alister Wright and Heidi and Ulrich Lenffer.

The trio brought back with them a new resolve, borne out of a decade of experience: their next record would be made in their own time, on their own terms, and it would sound exactly the way they wanted it to.

Cloud Control’s first self-produced album, Zone, is well worth the wait: their most cohesive, complex and personal release to date, full of colour, space and undeniable tunes.