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Tighes Hill Cellars Tighes Hill Cellars


Tighes Hill Cellars is one of the oldest bottle shops in Newcastle and has been owned and operated by Rob Richards since May 1999. At the time of takeover, Rob found himself in possession of a blank canvas bottle shop in desperate need of some love and ingenuity.

The building itself is grounded in history, having endured an earthquake and two superstorms, and still surviving the test of time. Today, Tighes Hill Cellars stands proudly with modern curb appeal, and has undergone several rounds of renovations.

“The progressive vibe established by our contemporary store front, and convenient drive through set up, are not the only things we have in place to make sure we are the liquor store of choice in Newcastle. To be fair, we aren’t your average liquor store at all. Our team are proud ‘Beer Geeks’ and we have a passion for craft beer and natural, organic and preservative free wines. We stock products we believe in, and know that natural production methods result in alcoholic beverages that are much better for you, and, as an added bones – they taste better!”

“We are proud of our history and success in a highly competitive market place, and we have achieved this by remaining true to our values. We always prioritise quality. Our range of products is extensive and we guarantee we can help you find a drink you’ll love. Whether you’re an adventurous drinker, or you stick to your old faithful favourite, we are your one stop bottle shop.”

“Not only can you drop by for friendly service and advice when choosing your next beverage, Tighes Hill Cellars host weekly tastings to give you the opportunity to try before you buy. We know you’ll find a bottle of something that will keep you coming back. Not to mention, you’ll love our friendly, knowledgeable team who are quite the experts when it comes to pairing you with a beverage, just like a chef pairs wine with dinner.”